About Doug

I’m Douglas Brown and I’m a ‘geekademic’, an academic writing about computer games and so on. I teach at Brunel University on the MA Course Digital Games: Theory and Design . I have worked for Square-Enix and am credited on Final Fantasy XII as well as several other titles. I’m currently working on a PhD with the working title Game-Playing-Role : analysing the Suspension of Disbelief in Videogames. I firmly believe that videogames are the next great mass-interpretative medium to rival film and even literature, but I like to think I’m a reformed narrativist rather than one with tunnel vision. I think it is the new and divergent aspects of games and ludic immersion that inform its storytelling, and create its potential to outshine media that has gone before.

As far as my own gaming habits go, I really enjoy RPGS as well as being a sucker for FPS and action games. My favourite game of all time is probably Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri . I play a lot of World of Warcraft (for my sins), and can often be found on the Emerald Dream EU server playing my Orc Warlock called Henchbeard.

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