Publications & Credits

Here’s a list of my current publications :

Brown, Douglas 2007 Gaming DNA: On Narrative and Gameplay Gestalts. Proceedings of the Digra 2007 Situated Play Conference pp58-66, Tokyo. Published September 2007.

Brown, Douglas 2008 Rez: An Evolving Analysis. Refractory Journal issue 13, University of Melbourne. Published May 2008.

Here are the games I am credited on as a localiser :

Final Fantasy XII, Square-Enix, Ps2, 2007

Final Fantasy III, Square-Enix, DS, 2007

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Square-Enix, PsP, 2007

Heroes of Mana, Square-Enix, DS, 2007

Here are the courses I’ve taught or worked on:

UG Film & Television Studies – Critical Methodologies Module – Brunel University 2007/08

PG Videogame Theory and Design – All Theory Modules and Crossover Theory/Design content – Brunel University 2007/08

UG Games Design  – Course design and approval process – Brunel University 2008

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